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About Me

I am a newly licensed HAM! I just recieved my Tech license in December 2017. I plan on upgrading to General soon.
I am located in a small town in Connecticut called Woodbury, at the base of the NorthWest Hills.
My current equipment includes 2 x TYT MD-380 DMR Radio (VHF and UHF models) modded with MD380-Toolz, and an Anytone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR Radio.
I currently connect to DMR-MARC network via CT-ARES tower KB1TTN in Wolcott, CT, and ocasionally K1EIR in Ansonia, CT. I primarily reside on: Northeast Regioan TG3172, Statewide TG8901, CT-TAC5 TG 8906.
I connect to DMR-Plus network via SharpRF OpenSpot. I am primarily on reflector 4642 (Northeast Regional) which is shared with DMR-Marc's 3172 TalkGroup available on most CT-ARES repeaters.
I connect to the Brandmeister DMR Network via CDRA's W1IXU in Bristol, CT, as well as on ocasion PVRA's W1HDN in Avon, CT, and AA1HD in Vernon, CT, although I primarily transmit via my SharkRF OpenSpot. I primarily reside on CT-Statewide TG3109, CDRA TG310992, PVRA TG310991, USA 3100, Worlwide TG91, Austrailia TG505.
On ocasional I may connect into CT-DARN DMR repeaters in CT, and for Analog NARA Repeaters in New Milford, Washington and Woodbury, PVRA WesternCT.
The best way to reach me is on DMR Brandmeister Network, usually listening in to TG3109 Connecticut when I'm idle after work or on select weekends.

Fully Resposive

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